The Last of Andrea

She tells me that it's over
But what am I to believe
When it's her that's next to me
As I fade into sleep
She tells me that in the morning
Nothing will have changed
Everything she talked about
Will still be everything she talked about
I look her in the eyes
Run my fingers through her hair
Nod and pretend I understand
That in the morning nothing will have changed
She tells me again it's over
As she folds into my arms
I choke a tear away
And try to deny it's the end of the day
How can she say that nothing changes?
Every time I taker her in my arms
Every time our lips meet
Our fingers touch and everything changes
When her head rests on my chest
And I feel her warm breath
Caressing the hairs across my skin
I cannot help that everything changes
And every word I've spoken
Loses its meaning
And every emotion I've felt
Melts into one peace
When we touch
Nothing can remain as it was before

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