Feeding (B)

Her eyes flicker with a light I did not see a moment ago and suddenly I am trapped by them trying to discover whence comes that spark. The message in her eyes in a flash is familiar as I see images of forgotten Wild Kingdom episodes in my head; the protective lioness mother at once guarding the lair of her young as she supplies the family with nourishment-- the leering hyena right before its mad dash at the remains of someone else's prey-- a mountain lion prowling a wooded ledge just over a small herd of young deer-- a timber wolf intently focused across flat, snowy, silent terrain upon a single rabbit. Yes, I tell myself in the moment I can still think, she is hungry. And then she is upon me, her lips my lips. Her eyes my eyes. Her fingers my fingers. With clawing and gnashing and the muscles of my heart contracting into violent fists knocking the blood through my veins as I struggle against her. Struggle to be against her. To stay against her. As close as ever I've been as she takes my head in her hands and I can feel the knotting in my hair as she tugs and pulls, trying to hold herself back but with each moment more compelled to give in, fending off the urge even while it grows all the more powerful, all the more inevitable. Now it is tempting licks and now testing nibbles as her teeth meet with my lips as her tongue dances through them to greet mine. Anxiously, beyond thought of myself, desiring nothing more than to nourish this soul, I rise up, offering myself, enfolding her even as she consumes me.

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