Already I am thinking of you as gone

Though at most you are just beginning to fall into slumber

And I wonder if I've told you how much I will miss you

Tomorrow, once you've left,

Winding your way gradually from this island to New York...

I won't think of what you said in apology

For venting your frustration

But I'll think of my own, remembering the moonlight

Turning your hair into a luminous crown

That fell featherweight in silken strands to your shoulders

That I wanted so much to touch, to feel for myself if it was as soft

As it appeared--

I'll think of your eyes shimmering, dancing uncertainly

But glowing just the same

And the light brush of your lips on my cheek while my hands

Dormant by my side made me feel as crippled

As you contend to be, controled perhaps by the same set of rules

Rules I want you to break

That I long for you to break

Though my confidence has never been such

That you would break them for me

Only please, break them for someone

Break them for yourself.

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