If a pair of lips tastes like honey
Then why can't I taste you?
If eyes smile, if hearts smile
Why don't I smile for you?
If tides rise and fall with the force of the moon
Should I moon you?

Your hand is so limp and fragile
So is your mind
I didn't mean to hurt you, dear
Just leave you behind

The message on your machine
Is the bravest thing you've done
My blood pounded faster than before
You said I could reach you there
But only if I dared
You said: "I screen all my calls, now."

Mouth full of dry cotton
I could not make my voice heard
Could not force the thoughts to words
Could only wonder why

Were you not waiting to hear from me
Were you not there by the phone
Were you not drying all up inside
Were you not so alone?
But no, I'll not give in so easily
To this game you play with me
Once I've thought of the kindest words to say
I'll call you, out of pity.

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