Grains of Sand

Warmth trickles over my body like tiny streams of water

Only I'm dry but for the occassional bead of perspiration

Or light humidity borne in the cool ocean breeze caressing

My thighs, my chest, in between the strands of my hair as they

Dance about around the perimeter of my hat.

Light glitters like Christmas on the afternoon waves

With the calmest of crashings lulling me slowly away from my seat

My feet in the sand to some new vantage from which I survey

The activity below me through clearer eyes

And a more peaceful heart.

Of all those beside me, I feel one closer that reaches out

Taking me softly inside it until I realize without moving at all

I've been transformed into a greater place

A place that lies within the center of every living being

Where we all meet as one.

You are there. I touch you.

And you are there. I touch you, too.

For miles it seems in this huge lobby we stand

Shoulder to shoulder, breast to breast, feeling the heartbeats

As we adjust to its newness and slip into the comfort

Of this warmth, of this closeness

Of touching and feeling as this boundless lobby takes on

The character of a small side room

Perfectly private, secure, and complete at last,

While the soft whispers of forever feather us gently

Like the air under the wings of the gulls keeping watch

As they circle overhead

As we return to the beach.

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