Looking into her eyes

As I stand there paralyzed

I begin to realize

This is the beginning of trouble

They take away your senses

As they worm away your mind

Work you up into a frenzy

Seem so fantastically kind

But underneath that soft exterior

Is something quite different to find

-- Oh, I'm a liar, Baby

You know I lie to you

Don't mean a word of it, Baby

You know I lie to you

I stand there in rapture

As I'm totally captured

And somewhat fractured

By the depth of her stare

She's numbed my every move

Broken me down to the bone

It's good I can't feel the pain

As she blinks and leaves me alone

But when she holds me in her eyes once more

I'm the prisoner that I've always known

-- Why do I lie so, Baby?

You know I lie to you

Hope you don't believe it, Baby

When I lie to you

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