The color of money is blue, not green

The color of envy is blue, not green

The color of passion used to be red

So was the color of anger

But now the only color I see anymore

Since you

Is blue

The way you left me feeling

The way you looked at me

The soft sad touch your fingers laid

Upon the rumpled sheets

As you rose up and moved away

Turning slowly at the door

Your lips gracing those lonely words

To say you were blue once more

And like the colors of a rainbow

That now all blend into one

I'm just one shade shy of lavender

Now that you've gone

And like the portrait that we painted

Only on display from this point on

All the scenes I can picture

Are from blue period since you've gone

When tears used to be crystal clear

Now they catch the light

Where words used to disappear

Now they stay in sight

Forever a reminder that stays in view

Forming tiny images of you

My tears and words merging to prove

Everything now has turned to blue

The shades are pulled over the windows

The shades have closed over my eyes

The shadows fall into the corner

Where we said our goodbyes

And in those shadows never black

Waits a lurking hint of truth

For darkness cannot hide the fact

That even shadows linger blue

So now my mouth is open wide

To show the deep blue inside

And my heart at last torn through

Shows only my blood still red for you

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