The thing I like about smoking

Is the colors

Or maybe it's the moonlight

Combined with the haze in my room

Could be

Could be the beer, too, that adds

To the fine separation I see

In the photographs that wasn't

So before

Before, before I could see them

As clearly as I do now

Rejoicing in the color of that blue sky

And the delicious grain in the threads

Of our shirts

The pigment that sings off her lips

Like a spiral into ecstasy

I can taste it

I can taste that pink red delicate smile

It's the only thing that cuts through

The nicotine tar hops stale flat smokey

Pool my tongue swims in

And I quickly wash down another drag

To make it go away

Cleanse my palette of that divine sensation

Cleanse my throat, my lungs, my heart

Close my eyes

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